What is no fear learning?

“My mind is going blank; I can’t remember anything; I will fail this test” – this is how anxiety feels when trying to study for or take an exam. These thoughts create an echo-chamber in our head and can quickly overwhelm us, making learning and remembering difficult. But the good news is, that’s all they are – just thoughts.

Imagine entering a classroom with a peace of mind fully trusting your study techniques, filling out the answer sheets without double-guessing yourself, and leaving the classroom with complete confidence you did great! Yes, confidence can be learned!

We have been showing students proven methods to overcome anxiety and improve learning and testing for years. Learning is not just about IQ – good grades are mostly about the right skills. You can get higher grades, remember better, and even enjoy school more by improving your learning confidence, motivation and focus. You really don’t need to trade in your current brain for another model.

Our brief program follows numerous current research about how the human mind acquires and recalls information, from places like the United States Department of Education or National Institute of Health to name a few. You can find out more in our proven methods section.

We break up the learning process into three simple steps:

  1. Refine Essential Learning Skills – at the end of the day, school is a competition, and just working hard is not always enough; you have to work smart! And to do that, you need the right skills to maximize your efficiency. Luckily, these skills are easy to learn, and will make your life much easier, even outside of school!
  2. Recognize and Overcome Test Anxiety – most would define peak performance as coming from a relaxed body and a peaceful but focused mind. The skills of overcoming your fears and anxiety, much like study skills, are well proven and time-tested. We have been teaching them to students for many years now. If you think your fears may be something holding you back, we can help you move on with confidence and success.
  3. Relax your Mind and Body – yes, taking a break from studying can actually make your studies more efficient! Knowing how to properly relax will not only re-energize you, but also give your mind the time to “sink in” and organize new information, making it easier to recall later. And just as the two other steps above, feeling more peaceful and more focused is part skill, part habit.

Practicing these simple tools can quickly improve your grades, motivation and perhaps your life. Yes, at first it takes a little determination, but soon enough your body will probably start to remind you just how good it feels to be confident in yourself and worry-free. If you are curious about how Wisdom Of Learning can help you, take our brief free evaluation to see what simple, but valuable, changes you can start making in your daily life!


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