Confidence helps you appreciate your college experience

Have you ever had a dinner with friends that you couldn’t really enjoy, your mind worried and preoccupied with all the historical facts for that 8:30 test tomorrow? College may not be all about grades, but grades sure influence a lot of things!

The old adage states that the most valuable lessons are taught outside of the classroom. And indeed – it was outside of the classroom that I learned the valuable social skills and built an amazing group of friends. My most memorable experiences certainly were not part of my homework and would probably earn a frown or two from my professors. And, as I advised before, it was through my extracurriculars that I acquired many practical skills I use at my job daily.

Whether it’s relationships or memories, fun clubs or organizations, study abroad or playing sports, it’s undeniable that a big part of the “college experience” has little to do with your test results or GPA. And yet, stressing over grades can profoundly inhibit your ability to enjoy it.

Not only are the right study and coping skills important for improving your academic performance, but they also help you become more confident in your own abilities. This is why we put such a big emphasis on Overcoming Anxiety and Relaxation – so you can take your mind off of studies and enjoy all those things that happen outside of the classroom!

Just think of the next time you head out to watch a movie or perhaps go grab a pizza with your friends. Would you rather be sitting there distracted by thoughts of losing precious homework time, inevitably picking up a coffee on the way back for yet another all-nighter? Or would you rather lose yourself completely in the great fun and company, confident you are well prepared for your next class, and reassured you only need a quick review  of your notes before the test?

What are some other values of improved learning skills and confidence? Let us know your thoughts in comments below!


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