Help your child pick a college major with online video lectures

Many High School seniors struggle with picking a college major. If you are a concerned parent, help them explore their interests with free online lectures from numerous big-name universities such as Yale or MIT!

Swept in the chaos of college applications, students often do not have the time or means to visit a school and attend sample classes. But they no longer have to. It’s been a few years since Apple launched iTunesU, a platform allowing universities to stream their lectures online. However very few high school students have taken advantage of this wonderful resource. So as a parent, I encourage you to share some interesting videos with your kids to help them get a feel for a given topic at a college academic level.

Today, it has become even easier, without needing to install Apple’s software. MIT offers many of it’s lectures, slides, reading materials and even homework assignments and tests via MIT OpenCourseware right on their website. Yale puts them directly on their YouTube channel, arranged in convenient playlists by class. And here’s another comprehensive listing from many other schools.

Sure, the selection is often limited to top schools; and many other aspects may factor into the decision. But online video lectures are another wonderful tool to help your child with the difficult task of picking a major. And trust me, many of us can use all the help we can get!


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