Don’t Flee – Fight your Anxiety!

We’ve all heard about “fight or flee” reactions of our bodies, but what does that mean when it comes to studying and test anxiety? Oh, and if you didn’t get a chance to grab a FREE subscription to our program from the last promo, we opened up some new spots!

I recently posted about a short little article from AZ Star explaining how prolonged stress is linked to heart problems, there’s one more thing it reminded me of.

The article opens up stating that “… prolonged stress can raise “fight or flight” hormones …” Remember that from your health class? Seeing the notion of “fight or flight” made me think that, perhaps that’s really the key differences between a successful and struggling student?

When you think about it, a student who knows the techniques to overcome anxiety can “fight” it by tackling their fears and studying better; s/he gains confidence in their skills and ultimately can improve their grades. On the other hand, a student who struggles with his fears will often “flee” by giving in to the negative voices in his head, eventually clamming up and forgetting learned material on tests.

Of course, the “fight or flee” is just a simplified model of many complex processes going on in our head, both chemical and mental. It’s definitely not easy to combat your greatest fears! Much like our ancestors struggled to overcome great challenges of battling tigers and chasing prey through the plains, fighting anxiety can require a great conscious effort in not only recognizing it, but consciously going against the worries and building the skills and confidence needed to defeat it.

But unlike the tigers who have some really sharp teeth, anxiety is more of an illusionist that merely knows how to trick us into thinking it has sharp teeth! We call it a great con for a reason. And like with any trickster, anxiety’s show can be easily revealed once you know how.

So next time you’re feeling anxious and worried, don’t flee and give in to your negative thoughts – fight them! We can show you how.

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